Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine

The Communications and Signal Processing Group (C&SP has a long-standing tradition of maintaining a natural interdisciplinary ethos and enables considerable multidisciplinary activity inhouse and through extensive collaboration with other universities and industrial partners. To carry out this proposed work, necessary support from the technical staff at Imperial (e.g., the systems administrators) will be available as […]

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Througth NANOMAT project, RFM will address flat scanning antennas for SatCom and Sat IoT applications. RFM is a company developing custom solution in the area of RF and SatCom antennas. The participation in NANOMAT will allow the company to enlarge its product portfolio with innovative, very compact, flexible, low cost and low power consumption antennas

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Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences

IEE plans to disseminate project outcomes via scientific conferences and workshops where IEE regularly participate, like the International Conference on Nitride Electronics, International Workshop on Nitrides, Topical Workshop on Heterostructure Technologies and Workshop on Compound Semiconductors and Devices. Finally, contribution to leading scientific journals like IEEE Electron Device Letters, Applied Physics Letters, Applied Physics Express,

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Technische Universitaet Chemnitz

NANOMAT creates a point for partnerships with industry for rendering services, novel research contracts, PhD programmes, international publications or EC-funded projects. Results will be published jointly with the consortium partners at international conferences and finally in journals. This increases also the visibility of high-quality research institutes in Europe. NANOMAT is in line with TUCs field

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Blue Synergy SL

The main markets addressed by Blue Synergy are Flexible electronics market, electronic manufacturing industry, telecommunications industry. Blue Synergy personnel has background in sustainability assessments in MEMS and nanomaterials. Current participation in target markets is low. Knowledge acquired about environmental impacts, eco-design and circulatory of NANOMAT technologies will increase Blue Synergy’s current sustainability services oriented to

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Berliner Nanotest Und Design Gmbh

NANOTEST is an SME, which is engaged in the field of materials characterization and test equipment development, particularly for thermal problems. In recent years, much progress has been achieved here in steady state, transient thermal characterization and failure analysis using Infrared and Thermoreflectance thermography. By support of its activities within the NANOMAT project, NANOTEST now

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Circuits Integrated Hellas Ike

For high-power applications, switching speed and invasive bio-sensors markets, the integration of flexible GaN, CNT, MEMS and SAWs allows for high performance bendable electronics. Applications such as lidar where flexible high performance GaN/CNT enables the laser signal to be fired at higher speeds, these electronics could be attached in moving objects with small footprint. Also,

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Institutul National De Cercetaredezvoltare Pentru Microtehnologie

Τhrough NANOMAT, IMT will engage to exploit and disseminate the results, spread excellence to the scientific community and the large public through joint publications with other partners and communication activities. The results regarding the SAW strain and temperature sensors will be published in high impact factor journals (e.g. IEEE Electron Device Letters, IF: 4.187; IEEE

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Uppsala Universitet

The participants from Uppsala University belongs to the Microwave Group at the Department of Electrical Engineering. UU has a broad knowledge in the fields of design, manufacturing and integration of antennas for wireless sensors and wireless communications, operating from microwave to THz frequencies. Successful projects at millimetre waves for 5G implementation of antenna arrays in

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