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Role in project

  • 3D integration heterogeneous integration
  • Packaging


The participants from Uppsala University belongs to the Microwave Group at the Department of Electrical Engineering. UU has a broad knowledge in the fields of design, manufacturing and integration of antennas for wireless sensors and wireless communications, operating from microwave to THz frequencies. Successful projects at millimetre waves for 5G implementation of antenna arrays in package allowed us to gain extensive knowledge on integration of 1D phased arrays with advanced MMICs at specific frequencies and circular polarization. This is complemented with knowledge of 60 GHz beam-steering solution with phased array systems, and project on MEMS THz systems. UU has participated in several EU projects, among which MiniMEMS, NANOCOM, NANOTEC, developing interconnecting methods up to 100 GHz. The continuation of the research within this project allows exploring innovative designs of antenna-arrays and beamforming, which is well aligned to the core of our activities

Nanomat Coordinator

Dr. Afshin Ziaei

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