Circuits Integrated Hellas Ike



Role in project

  • WP7 leader
  • RF Specifications Targets for the Demonstrator
  • Basic PDK development for MMIC design
  • Demonstrator MMIC Design


For high-power applications, switching speed and invasive bio-sensors markets, the integration of flexible GaN, CNT, MEMS and SAWs allows for high performance bendable electronics. Applications such as lidar where flexible high performance GaN/CNT enables the laser signal to be fired at higher speeds, these electronics could be attached in moving objects with small footprint. Also, in Augmented Reality (AR) headsets providing users with three-dimensional real-time images. In healthcare, biomedical devices can help flexible electronic sensors to measure body parameters and act as AESA radar and in Food Industry as attachable radars for recognition of “invaders”.

Through this consortium, the goal is to create a final technological flexible electronic workflow solution that will serve as the basis of various circuital modules. A new share in the flexible electronics market will be driven by the superiority of the performance in GaN (eg HPA) or CNT (eg LNA) because of enhanced mobilities, power handling and NF performance. Results have been demonstrated sporadically and many times not even repeatable. A PDK like will ensure a robust workflow and a development of a component Library.

Nanomat Coordinator

Dr. Afshin Ziaei

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