Berliner Nanotest Und Design Gmbh


Mohamad ABO RAS

Role in project

  • WP1 Leader
  • Thermal, electrical and thermoelectrical characterization
  • Measurement system development


NANOTEST is an SME, which is engaged in the field of materials characterization and test equipment development, particularly for thermal problems. In recent years, much progress has been achieved here in steady state, transient thermal characterization and failure analysis using Infrared and Thermoreflectance thermography. By support of its activities within the NANOMAT project, NANOTEST now aims to expand its tools in the field of non-destructive in-line inspection of electronic packages and components for different application from nano/microelectronic to power electronics. And to develop an inline capable TR based FA system for RF-MEMS, HPA on flexible substrates.

Nanomat Coordinator

Dr. Afshin Ziaei

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