Role in project

  • WP4 Leader
  • III-nitrides material (RF MBE)
  • Devices, acoustic sensors and MMICs, flexible technologies
  • CNT based LNA circuit technology
  • Machine learning
  • RF characterisation


At the academic level, FORTH is strongly collaborating with University of Crete and provides training for undergraduate and postgraduate level young engineers. As such FORTH has an existing platform for the proliferation of novel technology to young researchers. Already there is a related Ph.D starting on flex GaN and we expect a 2nd one on the CNT LNA. Finally, the results will be disseminated through the Hellenic Semiconductor Association of which FORTH is a member. The results will be also disseminated to the Greek Academic environment through the Greek Micro& Nano scientific society. FORTH in collaboration with Thales is developing a pilot production line for GaN and RF MEMS based smart transceiver power modules based on a unique proprietary coplanar and monolithic technology. The final aim is to establish a sustainable corporate entity within the European (initially) landscape. Initial targeted market is the radar industry for avionics and marine applications with eventual opportunity window in the emerging markets of large size and growth rates, like those of the SATCOM, 5G and 6G. The semi-automated pilot line operates within a very strict ISO 9001:2015 quality environment. NANOMAT will eventually expand the portfolio of the pilot line with new “flexible” products.

Nanomat Coordinator

Dr. Afshin Ziaei

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